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Travel Advice



The summer months are from September to April with day time temperatures ranging from 30 - 38 C (85-100F) in our area. The winter months are from May to August with day time temperatures ranging from 18 - 30 C (65-85F).Our rains normally start in the middle of November and end in March.


Njiri Eco Camps season runs from May to October. 





There has recently been a change to policy and a VISA must be obtained from the embassy in your home country before travelling. A single entry VISA cost £45 and lasts for 30 days. For more information or if you are staying for longer than a month please visit the Mozambique embassy.





We recommend Global Rescue as an international medical air rescue cover and travel insurance. Please use if you would like to register your travel insurance with Global Rescue.





A course of anti-malaria tablets is strongly advised. Vaccinations against hepatitis A, polio, tetanus and typhoid are also recommended. A yellow fever certificate is required for those arriving from yellow fever infected areas.




Mozambique’s local currency is the Metical, divided into 100 centavos, however US$ are widely accepted. It is advisable to carry cash as credit cards are not widely accepted and obtaining  a cash advance on a credit card in a bank can be costly and time consuming.


Getting to Njiri Eco Camp


There is a pick up and transfer service to Njiri Eco Camp from Tete airport. You can fly here direct from Johannesburg on the SAA Express.


Other routes: Access to Mozambique from Europe and North America can be via Johannesburg, Nairobi and Lisbon.


From Johannesburg connecting flights to Maputo are operated by South African Airways and LAM while other operators serve Inhambane and Vilanculos.  Regional flights to Mozambique are also available from Durban and Mpumalanga in South Africa; Dar es Salaam in Tanzania; and Harare in Zimbabwe. LAM’s domestic service connects Maputo with the country’s major cities and tourism destinations.


There are rail connections with Malawi, South Africa, Swaziland and Zimbabwe.


LAM-Linhas Aereas de Mocambique is the National air carrier.

NB - All clients travelling with LAM airline please note that the bag weight limit/person is 20 KG (44 LBS).  Any weight above this is charged approximately $3/KG


Square Square

What to bring:


Neutral coloured clothing

Casual clothing for evenings and time off, including warm clothing like jumpers for night drives

Walking boots


Torch preferably a head torch

Waterproof jacket

1 daypack – backpack


Hat – wide brimmed

Insect repellent

Water bottle or camelbak  

Sun cream

Batteries (For camera etc - we try to keep our electricity usage Eco friendly)

Malaria prophylactics


Provided by us:




En suite toilet and shower facilities



Recommended equipment:



Alarm Clock



Optional equipment:


Penknife/ leatherman

MP3 player/ ipods etc

Stationery if you want to make notes.