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Reintroducing Lions

In 2009 as part of the reserve's regeneration process Mokore Safaris reintroduced 10 lions, 6 females and 4 males into Coutada 9. The lions were brought in from South Africa and are part of a programme that relocates lions to prevent in-breeding and reduce overpopulation in some areas. When the lions first arrived they were transported to a specially made boma (a fenced off area of the park) to allow them to acclimatise and recover from their journey.  In 2010 the lions were released from the Boma. Since then they have been spotted on many occasions and there is some evidence that they are  thriving, including the loss of several trophy sized kudu bulls!  


One of the aims of Njiri Eco Camp is to keep a proper record of this new lion population - How many are there now? What social structures are they forming? Are they dispersing further into the reserve? Are they breeding / fighting with the existing lion population?


As part of your experience at Njiri Eco Camp you will help record any lion sightings and any other evidence of the lions presence such as tracks, markings and kills. You will learn how to identify lion tracks, their age, gender, direction. This data will be used to plot their movements and help us to answer these questions. It will also help us determine what management strategies to put into place to encourage their further success.