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Coutada 9 is an unfenced wildlife area, allowing  the animals to move freely throughout. However this makes it much easier for poachers to enter unnoticed and set traps. These traps are indiscriminate and not only trap their intended victims but also injure and kill any other animals that come in contact with them from elephants to small antelope. The park currently employs local scouts who are dedicated to removing these traps, however due to the park's size they are unable to cover the whole area. As part of the course you will be able to join these scouting parties and help to sweep the area removing traps and preventing animals being maimed or killed unneccissarily.  

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The picture shows traps that where collected from one of these scouting trips. The traps are then destroyed to prevent them being reused.

Carnage left from two gin traps... We have pulled approx. 7000 traps out of Block A alone in the last 8 years here in coutada 9.

One of our anti-poaching units enjoying a lunch break.

Morgan breaking the gin traps, we also put them into the foundations of the Eco camp to prevent them re-entering circulation.