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About Njiri Eco Camp

Mozambique is a well known destination for coastal expeditions but its little travelled interior, offers an unspoilt sight of Africa. The civil war has meant that Mozambique was a no go area for most travellers but now the country is at peace it is opening up opportunities to see Africa in the raw. Njiri Eco Camp's remote location means that very few tourists have experienced its beauty.


Njiri Eco Camp is situated in the middle of Nhacainga also known as Coutada 9. It is around two million, eight hundred thousand acres in size, of which Njiri Eco Camp has access to five hundred thousand acres. This concession is situated approximately halfway between Tete and Chimoio in the Manica province, north west of Gorongosa National Park, view a map.


The area has historically been run as a hunting block and Mokore Safaris have continued this tradition. Hunting has been one of the major conservation tools used in Africa protecting vast areas of natural land and preventing the extinction of several species. During the civil war the reserve's wildlife was heavily poached and completely unmanaged, leading to a severe decrease in the reserve's health. Mokore has set up Njiri Eco Camp to help it continue with its conservation work and return the concession to its former glory.


As part of the regeneration process Mokore has had to reintroduce some species, in its heyday Coutada 9 was famous for its lion and buffalo populations, attracting such high profile clients as Niel Armstrong. in 2011, in order to restore the balance, Mokore rescued ten lions from certain death in South Africa and released them into the park. In 2013 they underwent a game swap with Gorongosa National park; donating Eland and Zebra to Gorongosa and in return receiving Waterbuck. In 2015 and 2017 we have introduced 250 Buffalo from Marromeu Reserve. This was the first successful buffalo reloaction within Mozambique.


Whilst staying at Njiri Eco Camp as part of the game drives, bush walks and sundowners you will get the opportunity to help with the monitoring of this new lion pride.


Njiri Eco Camp is a tented camp and runs on a limited supply of electricity which is produced by the occasional use of a generator. The showers are heated by a ‘donkey’ – a metal container that has space underneath it for a fire. The fire is lit when hot water is required not just left to burn all day. The wood for the fire is responsibly sourced from the reserve. Food is cooked by our chef on an open fire.


The terrain consists of large granite outcrops, huge areas of savannah woodlands, tambooti forest and large seasonal rivers with thick riverine bush. 

Mokore Safaris is one of the leading safari companies in Africa. Established in 1979, it has over 30 years of experience offering high quality, personalised safaris. The company is run by founders Barrie and Bertie Duckworth together with their sons, Gary and Neil. Njiri Eco Camp is their new safari camp in the Manica province of Mozambique.

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